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Wed, Apr. 30th, 2008, 05:00 am
pixiestick_cc: Anti - Depressant Insomnia

Hi, I'm new here and I need a little advice about anti depressants. The whole story as to how I have come to be here ...

So, now I am on Zoloft again and have been taking the medication for two days. This time around though things are different especially with the side effects. I am experiencing severe insomnia. I mean here I am at 5 am and and I have barely gotten 3 hours of sleep. My son woke up to breastfeed an hour ago and I have been unable to get myself back to dreamland. Not to mention the 2 hours I spent in bed trying to fall asleep to begin with. I just feel like my mind won't shut up. I close my eyes, but I am bombarded with my thoughts or an image of something I watched on TV ... it's really maddening.

Has anyone else experienced this with the drug and if you did do the symptoms eventually go away? Do I need to try another medication? Although from what I've been told Zoloft is the only safe anti depressant one can take if nursing.

Fri, Feb. 22nd, 2008, 03:13 pm
trinity_lei: Paxil

Another newbie here with a question about PAxil and pregnancy.  Anyone been on it before, during or after pregnancy?  I'm on it now, and worried about the effects it may have on the fetus.  Thanks!

Sat, Nov. 24th, 2007, 04:06 pm
cherryb0m: Abilify and pregnancy?

Hi I am new here. I am 25w1d with my 3rd baby and I have struggled with moodswings, depression & anxiety for a really long time... I started taking Abilify before I became pregnant but was not on it long enough to feel much of an affect. I stopped taking this med. once I learned I was pregnant because I did not feel comfortable taking any kind of medication during my pregnancy.

Recently I've decided I wanted to be put back on a mood stabalizer because I feel helpless and out of control. My dr. put me back on Abilify. I have not taken it yet. My dr. told me she has not heard of any affect on the baby during a woman's pregnancy while on Abilify... could this because there is not enough evidence? Are there any women in here who have taken Abilify and had perfectly healthy babies?

Mon, Oct. 8th, 2007, 03:50 pm
cierrahurley: hard day

my papa died today at 11:30 pm...i feel even more down now. once more my family is tip toeing around me cuz i'm pregnant trying to not upset me. i'm left out of the loop and totally confused

Sat, Oct. 6th, 2007, 11:27 pm
cierrahurley: Hi

I'm 10 weeks prego and recently i just feel so down. i feel all alone i mean the only person i have is my husband. i lost all my friends and i just i don't know what to do. i miss talking with people and hanging out i've never felt so alone before.

Mon, Jul. 23rd, 2007, 11:17 am
mouse_maven: Talk therapy and depression

Hello everyone.


I’m about six months pregnant with my first child and I had a history of depression and anxiety before my pregnancy.


Right now I’m taking Zoloft.  It helps some, but I still feel very depressed and worried.  To make things worse, I’m going to be laid off from my job before my maternity leave starts. 


Right now, I’m struggling to keep everything together.  I try to filter out all of the hyperbole about parenting and motherhood, but it’s hard.  “You MUST breast fed.”  “You MUST stay home.”  “You MUST give up your life and devote every second to your child.”   My friends are childless and many plan on staying that way, so I’m also lonely. 


The isolation, worries about my career and the family finances have intensified my depression.  I’ve lost my appetite and I don’t want to *do* anything, even things I used to enjoy.


Has anyone seen a therapist while pregnant?  Did it help?  Was your SO supportive of the therapy?  (My husband is nervous about me seeing a counselor.) 

Sun, Jul. 1st, 2007, 04:40 pm
sassy_momma: Hi

my friend told me I might have ppd. She had it with her 2nd child. Here's my story...

In November I had my son via emergency c-section. They didn't know until then that he was breech. He was born ON his "supposed" due date according to the ultrasound. Well he had meconium in his lungs. They told me he was very sick. Later on he had a seizure from sedation meds. they gave him (and they never asked our permission) to put a feeding tube in him. We were in the hospital with him a week trying to get him well and teaching him to breastfeed. He had no suck or gag reflex when he was born. They told me he would be 'slow' (he's not).

My son is 7 months old now and I don't feel like I used to still. Like I said my friend says I have ppd. Pretty much I don't have a babysitter. I am with my son by myself most of the time because his Dad works. I refuse to put him in daycare this young. I hardly ever want sex. I mean, I didn't want it all the time before I had him but I at least wanted it a couple times a week. Hell, we think he was conceived one night when we had sex 4 times.

I'm tired a lot, but I can't seem to take naps when he does hardly ever. And he has a hard time going to sleep at night so I am up with him until 2 in the morning sometimes. I feel like my nerves are shot. Everything gets on my nerves. We have this place here called Advantage Behavioral Health that deals with depression, anxiety, etc. They take you as a patient and charge you based on your income. They give you meds. and all. I've been there before but it's been a few years and I had quit going on my own. Do you think i should start going back there?

Fri, Jun. 8th, 2007, 02:52 pm
auniquemind: (no subject)

im new and i need a freind.
i had severe depression and anxiety before the baby and she is almost 3 months ans still colicky. i spend my days crying and my nights throwing up form crying all day. i jsut need some relief. my husband trys to help but hes kinda in that im th eguy role andi m in the im the woman role. it jsut happend and i dont know how to tell him i need more help. ive tried and i end up crying and making him feel guilty and he makes these faces that make me feel so bad. im on meds that i dont think are working cus my homones are erratic. what do i do? i see a therapist but it doesnt help. i have two other girls to take care of and i feel so helpless with the baby and i snap at them alot because im so frustrated. how do calm enough so the other girls dont hate me?

Wed, May. 16th, 2007, 01:49 pm
shinexxxsuicide: (no subject)

Hello.  I've never posted here before and was wondering if anyone can relate to what I'm going through.

First of all i have severe anxiety and paranoia.  I had this before i became pregnant.  I was taking Ativan for it and now I am unmedicated.  This anxiety is severe.  i worry 24/7.  I can not make my brain shut up.

Moving on, I developed the depression about a month or two ago..  I'm sure that the anxiety triggered it.

Has anyone else ever felt this way?  I'm 26weeks pregnant and despite the fact that I have two perfectly healthy children who are 6 & 3 and this pregnancy has been pretty much normal I still worry daily that something bad is going to happen to the baby inside of me.  i actually can not seem to convince myself that I'm even really going to have a baby.  =/  I think, well i KNOW, that I have read entirely too many stories about stillbirth and so now i'm TERRIFIED that it's going to happen to me ....  I know that it's rare but that means nothing and I can't seem to convince myself that my baby will most likely be fine.  I tend to convince myself of the worst case scenarios....   Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is wait to feel my baby move because I'm that scared...  

At the same time, the depression has left me feeling sort of (I hate to admit ti) trapped by the baby.  I worry about him constantly and i think that that is why I'm feeling.. trapped.  I'm just tired of worrying, but I love him and I'd rather have him to worry about than not have him....

Recently I fell into such a horrible depression that I began to think, "Well, it doesn't matter what happens to my baby because life sucks anyways."  and "He might be better off if he doesn't make it full term because at least then he won't have to be trapped in a world like this one and live a miserable life." =(  i was really feeling that low about my life that I was truly believing that at least if my baby were to die in the womb that he would be spared having to live in this horrible world.   I rarely feel that way anymore, yet the depression is still going strong.

I think that I just don;t trust my body even though I've had two successful pregnancies in the past.  i think that because my anxiety is so high that it causes physical symptoms (heart palpitations, panic attacks, tense muscles, adrenalin rushes, etc) taht I'm just terrified that my body will say, "Yeah this kid can't be in here any longer."  I don't know.  Maybe i AM just crazy.

Has anyone else ever felt this way while pregnant?  Someone please tell me I'm not alone..... 

Wed, May. 9th, 2007, 09:39 pm
ally1000: bipolar and pregnancy

I am currently trying to conceive, and I'm trying to get as much info about taking drugs for bipolar disorder during pregnancy.

I was diagnosed with bipolar I when I was 16 after being hospitalized for a manic episode (I'm now 29). Before that, I was diagnosed with depression. I've been on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers since then.

Right now, I take Fluoxetine (prozac) and Lithium and have been stable for 5 years. I would probably continue taking fluoxetine for depression, but I'm wondering if I could stop taking the lithium while pregnant and breastfeeding since it causes birth defects. This seems like quite a risk though, and I can't figure out which option would be best.

Does anyone who is bipolar have experience being off meds while pregnant? Or has anyone taken lithium during pregnancy?

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